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If you’re a surfer craving a North Sumatra surf adventure, look no further than the Banyaks Dream surf charter. On board Banyaks Dream, you can explore the pristine waters of North Sumatra and seek out empty waves that promise to deliver unforgettable rides. 

Experience the breathtaking beauty of this stunning region, from lush green landscapes to picturesque shorelines. A surf trip on board Banyaks Dream is an experience you’ll remember forever and the best way to explore this stunning Indonesian archipelago. 

North Sumatra Surf Charter

Banyaks Dream accommodates up to 12 passengers, and has all the amenities and activities you could ask for on a surf charter. When you’re not surfing epic, empty waves, there are plenty of non-surf activities to keep you occupied, as well as an Indonesian chef cooking up a range of mouth-watering meals all day long.

March to November
All Levels
Fishing, Beaches, Snorkeling
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While Banyaks Dream is dedicated to finding you the best waves in North Sumatra, it also offers the perfect place to relax between surfs. The boat has five spacious private double bedrooms with large beds, and a VIP room with a king-size bed to accommodate couples.

To keep you cool on those balmy North Sumatran days, all rooms on Banyaks Dream are fully air-conditioned. There is a fully equipped kitchen, with a resident chef, as well as two bathrooms on the second floor. 

To relax and recharge, guests can kick back in the spacious living area, or watch the sunset from the large terrace. Bankaks Dream is the perfect place to enjoy everything North Sumatra has to offer. 


A typical day on board Banyaks Dream starts with a buffet breakfast, including cereals, fruit juice, toast, tea and coffee. After your first morning surf, the experienced Indonesian chef cooks up a second breakfast that includes bacon, eggs, toasted sandwiches, pancakes and homemade bread. 

Lunches and dinners include a selection of Asian and Western dishes, from sushi to pizzas, burgers, fresh seafood, Mexican dishes, desserts and more!  Beers and soft drinks are included in the package cost and spirits can be purchased for an additional cost – or bring your own. 

Surf Banyaks Dream

As one of the most remote surfing destinations in Indonesia, the Banyak Islands still offer plenty of opportunities to surf empty waves. Only three charter boats operate full-time in this area – so this means more waves for you! 

The best time to surf the Banyaks is from March to October, but the most consistent waves are from April to October. The average wave height is between 1 and 2.5 metres. Some of the best waves in the Banyak Islands include Treasure Island Rights, Cobras, Joysticks, Toytown lefts and many others. 

Treasure Island Rights

Also known as Bangkaru, Treasure Island is a long right-hander with three tube barrel sections. A fun wave in the right conditions. 


Cobras is a swell magnet and where you should head if it’s not big enough for Treasure Island. A gorgeous location with fun, tube sections.


If you’re looking for a fun right-hander, Joysticks is what you’ve been searching for. Situated in the Bay of Plenty, it produces a perfect tube section on takeoff, a long wall, then another tube section inside the bowl. When the swell is up, this wave is great for intermediate surfers. 

Toytown Lefts

Often referred to as a softer version of the well-known Macaronis break in the Mentawai Islands, Toytown left is a fun left-hander in the Bay of Plenty. With lots of great sections and even some barrels on offer, this wave is one to remember. 

Non-Surf Activities

When you’re not out catching waves, there are plenty of other fun activities to keep you occupied on board Banyaks Dream. You can unwind and relax with a movie, or play the Xbox. Alternatively, take advantage of the on board fishing, snorkelling and spear fishing equipment to explore the captivating underwater world and gorgeous Banyak Islands. 




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Great trip, great boat and crew!

Craig C
Date of Stay: 2 - 15 Jul 2018
Surf Stoke3
Quality of Food4

From the start of the trip to the very end it was planned to perfection. The Banyaks Dream is such a nice spacious and well set up boat. Pierre the Surf guide is such a... Read More >

Craig C
Date of Stay: 9-23 Jun 2018
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food4


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