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Aura Surf Resort on Simeulue Island, thoroughly refurbished in 2023, is a secluded haven built exclusively for surfers. Offering direct access to surf breaks suitable for all skill levels, including a renowned peak directly out the front, Aura Surf Resort is the prime spot for an authentic, wave-rich surf trip.  

Accommodation at Aura Surf Resort features spacious bungalows, a communal living and dining area, a surf viewing deck and a 9m infinity pool, combining traditional and modern design elements to provide a comfortable and relaxing stay.  

Set amidst a picturesque landscape of palm-fringed beachfront and dense tropical jungle with a mountainous backdrop, the resort promises privacy and a serene, secluded environment for surfers. 

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Aura Surf Resort offers a range of accommodation options designed for comfort and privacy, blending traditional and modern elements. The spacious bungalows are perfect for singles or couples, while the newly constructed villa is the prime retreat for larger groups of friends. Crafted from local hardwoods, all rooms feature direct views of the surf. Aura Surf Resort can accomodate a maximum of just 14 guests, keeping crowds in the surf at a minimum.

Aura Villa

The Aura Villa, refurbished in 2023, caters to larger groups with its 7 air-conditioned bedrooms.

This private beach villa requires a minimum of 5 guests for a booking and is an ideal choice for friends wanting shared accommodation with access to the resort’s communal facilities. 

The bungalows at Aura Surf Resort feature spacious freestanding bathrooms with hot water, a rarity in the region.

Serviced daily, the bungalows include a premium queen-sized bed, sofa, air conditioning, bar fridge, ceiling fans, board rack and more, ensuring a comfortable stay. Each bungalow is designed for privacy, perfect for single surfers or couples, and boasts a furnished balcony with views of the surf. 


Aura Surf Resort offers guests an exceptional dining experience, seamlessly blending high-quality Western and Indonesian cuisines with fresh produce, local seafood, and meats. The resort’s restaurant, known for its delicious buffet meals, provides a casual and inviting atmosphere complemented by unparallelled views of the surf. Guests can relax in an array of seating arrangements, including indoor and outdoor options, hammocks for lounging, a billiard table, a flat-screen TV, and shelves filled with surf magazines, books, and board games. Adjacent to the restaurant, the deck serves as a perfect gathering spot for guests to unwind and reminisce about the day’s surfing adventures. 

Aura Surf Resort ensures that early risers are greeted with a selection of coffee, tea, cereal, fresh fruit, and toast, catering to those keen on catching the dawn patrol. Post-surf, a hot breakfast menu is available, offering delicious options such as banana pancakes, omelets, and traditional Indonesian dishes like nasi goreng and mie goreng. 

Lunch and dinner features a varied menu that includes Indonesian specialties such as chicken, fish, meat curries, and vegetarian dishes like gado-gado, tempe, tofu, and rice, as well as Western favorites, including pizza, burgers, lasagna, and BBQ nights. 

Guests have access to unlimited fruit and purified drinking water throughout their stay. Aura Surf Resort also places a high emphasis on catering to guests with food allergies. 

Surf Aura Surf Resort

Aura Surf Resort boasts a prime location directly in front of The Peak, a world-class a-frame peak known for its rippable rights and hollow lefts, making it the most consistent wave on the island. Guests can enjoy the luxury of checking the surf from their bungalow and reaching the lineup within minutes, offering an unmatched convenience for surfers. The variety of waves around the island caters to all levels of surfers, ranging from hollow reef breaks to playful sand bottom beach breaks, ensuring there’s a wave for every ability. 

Aura Surf Resort’s surf guides stand out for their extensive knowledge and dedication, committed to guiding guests to the best waves throughout their stay. These guides possess unparalleled insight into the local breaks and conditions, ensuring surfers of all abilities find their perfect wave. 

In 2024, Aura introduced a new 27ft speedboat equipped with twin 200 horsepower motors. This addition ensures rapid and comfortable transit to waves further afield, featuring plenty of seating, shade and storage for boards and other recreational equipment. 

Adding to the resort’s surfing experience, Aura also provides a professional surf photography and videography service, available seasonally upon request at an additional charge. 


The Peak

Right out the front of Aura Surf Resort and only a short paddle away is The Peak, a fun left and right-hander with hollow tube rides and a user-friendly reef underneath. This wave is best from 2 to 10 ft and you can expect 80m rides in both directions. With a deep water take-off and flat rock bottom, it’s a fun wave for experienced surfers. 

Dylan's Right

Offering fun, hollow barrel rides in the right conditions, Dylan’s Right breaks best in larger swells, with fun tubes over the shallow reef. 

Dylan's Left

Across the bay from Dylan’s Right, Goofy footers will love this 300 metre long left-hander with various take-off spots. The inside section is fairly hollow and it can only be accessed by boat. Best between 3 and 6 ft and with an E-SE wind. 

Tea Bags

You need a boat to get to Tea Bags, but in the right conditions you’ll be rewarded with one of the best right-handers you’ve ever surfed. This wave offers 150 metres long rides with barrels all the way. A swell magnet, this wave does a great impression of P-Pass or reverse Chopes and delivers some epic rides for intermediate surfers. 


This is a classic breach break five-minutes north of Aura Surf Resort. It has a sand bottom and is suitable for all levels of surfers, depending on the conditions. 

Monkey Trees

This break works on similar swell conditions to the Peak and is only 15 minute’s drive away. A more opened faced and less threatening left hander compared to the Peak, with some incredible sections for turns and barrels if you’re in the right spot!

Alus Alus

This bay is located on the south end of the island about 40 minutes away, and has a variety of set ups. From a barreling right hander similar to Dylan’s and a hollow left hander that barrels and grinds down the inside south point. There’s even a secret right reef slab in front of the river mouth that’s not easily seen from the beach on road. No matter the swell angle or winds, there’s usually some fun to be had in this bay!

One Thongs

A mellow left located in a beautiful cove, located approximately 30-minutes from Aura Surf Resort.

Non-Surf Activities

Aura Surf Resort caters to various interests with a diverse range of activities on offer. Fishing, spearfishing and snorkeling excursions are popular among guests, with gear readily available and a guide who knows all the best spots. On land, guided trips to scenic waterfalls, natural pools and local villages offer insight into Simeulue’s culture and the local ways of life. 

A fleet of scooters equipped with board racks are on-site for independent exploration, allowing guests to uncover hidden beaches or delve into the local culture at their own pace. For added comfort, Aura Surf Resort also provides other transportation options, including a new Toyota Hilux and a mini bus.  



for Aura Surf Resort

Was happy with the quality waves out the front at the peak, but the last day on the boat all day at tea bags definitely made the trip!

Dane G
Date of Stay: 09-16 Apr 2019
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food5

Aura camp was excellent, food, accommodation and the Aura crew were excellent and could not do enough for their guests. Had a great stay and planning to return this year.

Peter G
Date of Stay: 19-31 Dec 2017
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food5

The waves weren't all time but very fun and plenty of them.  Everything about the resort was great... definitely will be going back for more.  

Scott M
Date of Stay: 28 Jan - 6 Feb 2017
Surf Stoke3
Quality of Food4

Food and staff were A1!  The aussie boys running the camps (Dane and James) were super easy going, all to happy to help out, let us catch all the waves and were just top blokes!  The Indo... Read More >

Andy S
Date of Stay: 8-18 Nov 2016
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food5

World Surfaris has nailed it again with arguably the best camp in the region...  Realised how lucky we were last year to score the place pumping with so few people able to get there because of the smoke.... Read More >

Peter C
Date of Stay: 23 Sep - 3 Oct 2016
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food4


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