Aganoa Beach Fales

Talofa Lava and welcome to the Polynesian paradise that is Aganoa Beach Fales. Located at Aganoa Beach on Savaii Island in Samoa, Aganoa Beach Fales is the perfect destination for an uncomplicated surf trip in the Pacific. 

With fewer crowds in the surf and beautiful beachfront bungalows overlooking the turquoise lagoon and waves, surf trips in Samoa don’t get much better than this. Perfect for surfers and non-surfers who want to unplug and explore everything Samoa has to offer.

A Savaii Island Surf Camp

With a laid-back, rustic feel, Aganoa Beach Fales offers surfers and their families and friends a relaxing escape away from the hustle and bustle of other surf destinations. Australian expat Keith Martin and his family manage the resort, along with a friendly team ready to ensure your holiday in Samoa exceeds all your expectations. 

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Surfing Savaii Island

Savaii Island is one of the most relaxed destinations in the world. Directly out the front of the fales (bungalows), you’ll find an epic left and right-hander, or if you’re ready for an adventure you can organise a day trip to one of the other surf breaks around Aganoa Beach Fales. 


Aganoa Beach Fales is tucked away in a gorgeous location, off the beaten track in the village of Palauli. It’s nestled on the secluded Aganoa Beach in a rainforest conservation reserve, with stunning views of the white sandy beaches and natural fauna. 

Australian Keith Martin, his Samoan wife Lanuola, their children and staff know this region of Samoa better than anyone else and offer a secluded resort with quality service and hospitality. 

Aganoa Beach Fales consists of eight stand-alone, open-air fales that offer you a private slice of paradise during your stay. Each bungalow is built from reclaimed timber and lava rocks that were collected onsite. 

Each bungalow features a king or queen-sized four-poster mosquito-netted bed, an ensuite bathroom with an open-sky shower, an in-room safe and a private porch where you can kick back and watch the surf. 

After a long day surfing or exploring Savaii Island, take a seat at the beach bar with a cool drink and relax as the last sets of the day roll in. 


Aganoa Beach Fales offers a delicious menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all served in the laid-back oceanfront restaurant. Lanuola oversees the preparation of meals, using locally sourced and sustainable ingredients, Samoan delicacies blended with Western favourites. 

Enjoy freshly caught fish, organic fruits and vegetables grown in their onsite hydroponic facility or from the gardens in nearby villages. The bar is fully-stocked with a range of drinks, including local beers, New Zealand wines, spirits and bottled water. There’s also a great cocktail menu! 

Surf Aganoa Beach Fales

Keith Martin, the host of Aganoa Beach Fales, has been based in this region for many years and has had the privilege of discovering many waves and surfing a multitude of others. Keith can help you discover the best waves to surf and knows when they’ll be performing at their best. 

The waves around Aganoa Beach Fales are super accessible, including the main break out front, whereas the breaks on neighbouring Upolu require a boat to access the outer reef. There’s a variety of consistent lefts and rights within the 2 to 10 ft range and surfing is allowed on Aganoa Beach on Sundays. 

Aganoa Beach Right

This is Savaii’s best wave and it’s only a short paddle from the resort. Aganoa Beach Right is extremely consistent, breaking year-round from 2 to 10 ft plus. It has many takeoff spots, making it great for surfers of all abilities. With a hollow tube on takeoff, a perfect wall down the line and another barrel before the channel, it’s best at mid-tide through to high tide.

Aganoa Beach Left

Located out the front of the resort’s restaurant, Aganoa Beach Left is just a short paddle from the right-hander and peels around the reef pass and into the channel on the western side of the beach. Depending on the swell direction, this left has amazing barrels as well. 


K-Land is an intoxicating reef pass that is eerily reminiscent of the famous G-Land surf break in Java. Surfable from 4 to 12 ft plus, it has a long, wrapping mix of both hollow, barreling sections and rippable walls. 


Across the channel from K-Land, Middles is a playful, bowly, split-peak that peels into a wide channel. Across the channel from the left is also a short but fun right. 

Pastor Point

Pastor Point is a long, extremely fun right-hander up the northeast side of the corner of an outer reef where you can still paddle out to the lineup. Expect barrels, but it’s softer than the Aganoa breaks and great for surfers of all abilities. 

East Side Secret Spots

Keith Martin will share some of his favourite spots on the east side. These breaks are only accessible by boat and can’t be seen from the shore. You’ll find perfect reef passes that peel down from empty lineups into sparkling blue lagoons. 

Coconut Grove

An hour away from the resort (by car) is the reliable Coconut Grove which is great when the onshore winds hit Aganoa Beach. Coconut Grove is a setup that has something for everyone, fun and playful or hollow and challenging. It’s a series of left-handers that wind across a shallow reef and provide surfers with rides to remember. 

Non-Surf Activities

While Aganoa Beach Fales is the perfect surf destination, the whole family will enjoy the resort. With an array of activities onsite and island-wide, you can do as much or as little as you like while staying at this incredible Samoan surf resort. 

Olemoe Falls

Just 10 minutes inland is a gorgeous freshwater pool at the foot of a thundering 100 ft waterfall. Swim in the cool waters or leap from the rock in front of the falls. 


Bring your own snorkel and dive gear and explore the colourful and lively reefs that thrive right off the shore. You can also find turtles swimming in the crystal clear lagoon. 

Alofaaga Blowhole

A natural phenomenon just 30 minutes away from the resort, it’s something you don’t see every day and will leave you in awe. 


All guests at Aganoa Beach Fales are welcomed with an ancient and traditional Samoan feast/celebration called a fiafia. During fiafia, guests get to taste a variety of Samoan cuisine from palusami (taro leaves with coconut and onion filling) to underground oven-baked pig. 

Eco Excursions

Compared to the neighbouring island of Upolu, much of Savaii is underdeveloped and the interior rainforests are wild and virtually untouched. Ask the staff about hikes and eco-friendly tours through the rainforest or around Mt Silisili. 


Take an afternoon off from the surf to relax and unwind at the resort with volleyball, bocce, table tennis and darts. 



for Aganoa Beach Fales

When this wave fires, which it did the 1st day, I don't know that I've surfed better! The stay itself was basic and rustic which I enjoyed embracing, and the crew were just awesome!

Craig D
Date of Stay: July
Surf Stoke3
World Surfaris Service5
Quality of Trip4

World Surfaris' staff are awesome and super informative. We really enjoyed our time at Aganoa. Good staff that took good care of us at the resort.

Josh T
Date of Stay: July
Surf Stoke5
World Surfaris Service5
Quality of Trip5

Everything went smoothly was easy to relax everyone was great!

Mick B
Date of Stay: 20-27 Apr 2019
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food4

Great surf, food, accommodation, service, company & beautiful friendly Samoan people!!

John D
Date of Stay: 28 Jul - 3 Aug 2018
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food4

We thoroughly enjoyed a holiday at Aganoa Lodge Samoa.  The remoteness added to the peace and tranquility of our piece of paradise. The ability to have the surf out the front was total choice however, we didn't... Read More >

Mark T
Date of Stay: 10-18 Jun 2016
Surf Stoke3
Quality of Food5


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