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Why Low Season Mentawais is Simply Better…

14th Feb 2018

It’s been noted that the Mentawais is one of the worst-kept secrets in surf history. While undoubtedly still capable of dishing up ‘the goods’ the Mentawais isn’t going to be a just a ‘you and your mates’ kinda deal anymore. That is unless you score late season…

Low season is typically January through to March. The southern hemisphere is in summer so the virility of the Antartic storms are somewhat lessened. Typically, this means less ground swell making its way north but… and this really needs to be made clear, you don’t get a body of water as large, deep and as unbroken by land masses as the Indian Ocean and not get consistent swell. So, regardless if it’s low season, high season, mid-season, hunting season or any season whatsoever – it’s on! The real difference is wave size. Basically, you’re going have to trim off a couple of feet from your expectations. But on the plus side, you can also trim off crowds, costs, and unfavourable winds.

Low Season Mentawais Equals Better Waves… for you

A while ago we unceremoniously pointed out that despite your best day in the surf you’re probably still an average surfer. We’re not picking holes in your abilities but the chances aren’t stacked in your favour. It’s unlikely that you have a sponsor, that you can drop your life for a couple weeks while you and a photographer head overseas to nail a shoot in a 12ft swell and get paid for it. Life is most likely a little more predictable and involves a compromise with the other half, saving, annual leave and a hell of a lot of planning. You know, just like real life, because despite being a good surfer you never scored a sponsor like the top 20%. The long-winded point we’re trying to make is the Mentawais will give you good waves in the low season, not huge, not intimidating, not scary as all hell waves – just good fun, average 3ft+ waves breaking in paradise that are perfect for you. Waves that will let you have fun, try something new and at some of the most famous breaks throughout the Mentawais. 

Low Season Mentawais Equals Uncrowded Lineups

Low season Mentawais is no secret. But you’re naturally hesitant, what if you lay down a big wad of cash, chew up annual leave,  secure a bizarre compromise with your partner and then get skunked? The truth is you won’t… As I write this (Wednesday 14th Feb 2018), I’m looking at the Magicseaweed forecast for Macaronis. It’s currently at 3ft with 5mph offshore winds, with a 19sec period. Plus, there’s a 6ft pulse with favourable winds at a 15 second period due early next week.  The whole week doesn’t look to be going under 3ft… I’d take 3-6ft Macas with long period swell and good winds over whatever the hell my local is coughing up this time of year. 

But do you know the best thing? The real corker? I would be surfing Macas with a scant handful of other people. So, let’s wrap that up and really bring it home for the haters and naysayers… 3-6ft Macas, offshore 5mph winds, and a 19 second period with no crowd factor.  You see where we’re taking this? You see what you’re missing out on? 

Let’s do another one…. how about Lance’s Right? 4ft, 17 sec period, SE swell and 4mph winds. Another one? Greenbush, 4-5ft, 16 sec period, 7mph winds. The whole Playground region is fun this time of year and with many of the resorts closed down for maintenance this time of year crowd factor is way down. 

Where to from here?

Whoppee-do! Low season Mentawais kicks butt and you’re most likely dealing with east coast summer mush this time of year. If you’re keen to get a slice of the action then reach out and have a serious chat with the crew at World Surfaris. In the meantime, do your own research, look over the at the pretty pics below (all low season, all awesome) and well see you over there :). 

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