Why the JS HYFI Air 17X is Your Next Travel Board

19th Jun 2018

JS Industries has been knocking around for a more than a quarter-century. Lead shaper and company director Jason Stevenson rose as an industry golden child due to his innovation and adaptation, 25 years on JS Industries maintains a podium standing. In the board shaping and manufacturing industry, believe us when we say, that’s no mean feat. 

In 2016 the guys took the coveted board of the year award for the HYFI Blak Box II and competition in the arena is ‘stiff’.  It’s a fair assumption you’ve seen the trademark tractor and initials of the JS logo floating in a line up near you. We’d even go as far as to say that one of their boards has featured in your quiver and if not, you might want to get on that. 

Sitting pretty on the JS industries payroll and endorsing the boards, are the likes of Julian Wilson, Joel Parkison, Ace Buchanan, Dusty Payne and more… and hey, if they’re good enough for the likes of them, then you know you’re feet have landed on something special. So, they’re good at what they do, you get the picture…

We were lucky enough to catch up with the guys from JS Industries and get the low down on some of their best travel boards. 


Under the microscope, this time around is the HYFI Air 17X … 

1. Who suits this board best? 

Anyone who wants to push themselves in tiny to fun-sized surf, going for critical turns or airs and generating as much speed as possible in the conditions you’re in. Being Julian’s go-to board for high performance in average waves, this is a more refined version of our global bestseller and all-rounder, the Monsta Box, and fits an essential part of every keen surfer’s quiver. 

2. What conditions is it best in and what waves around the world would we ride it in? 

From weak or slow beachies to smaller points and reefs, the HYFI Air 17X is designed to excel in waves requiring you to generate your own speed and has the responsiveness to let you do whatever you like with it. 

3. Which team riders use this board most and what do they like about it? 

This is Julian Wilson’s everyday step down when he’s at home either on the Sunshine Coast or Newcastle. As the man himself says, “anytime you want to generate your own speed and excitement on a wave, this is the board to do it.”

4. What are the unique differences with this board and what does that result in performance wise? 

The Air 17X is shorter, wider and flatter than its big brother and Performer Series genesis, the Air 17. It also has the same large sweet spot thanks to more foam redistributed under front foot and a flatter rocker through the middle. Soft, forgiving rails, deeper concaves and similar late curve in the nose and tail allow you to go anywhere you like in weaker conditions while holding as much speed as possible. 

5. What 3 board quiver would JS recommend for an intermediate surfer heading on a surf trip to Indonesia or the Maldives? 

HYFI Monsta Box, or for better waves / more advanced surfers, HYFI Air 17X 
Monsta 8 
FMNII round pin 

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