The Lohis Surf Team led by Richard Kotch

What to expect at a surf resort

13th Dec 2018

You know, there’s nothing quite like waking up in a remote corner of paradise, walking a few short steps down to a world renowned point and watching a few empty drainers slip and peel over a reef. Perhaps that is one of the more perfect moments in surfing? Or maybe, should time and tide suit you, you’ll hop on a boat, skip out to some lesser-known, but equally as alluring, surf spots. 

It’s this kind of scenario that makes the Maldives a damn fine prospect for a getaway, and then, of course, theres the well-tapped metaphor of those atolls being an aquatic playground. And sure, there may be crowds, but locales like Hudhuranfushi Resort, which is just a short walk from the Maldives best left-hander at Lohis, is working to limiting that factor by only allowing just 45 surfers to stay at any one time…

If Lohis isn’t really your thing, (if you’re a regular foot looking for a right) then feel free to gear up a boat (and skipper) for an expedition with a few buddies. Sound good? Well, for those unattuned with the pace of life at the Maldives, or are on the fence with pulling the trigger on a trip, here’s a little slice of what to expect…

First light, wake up, fresh coffee and head to the deck at Lohis, only a short walk from the Hudhuranfushi Resort, widely regarded as one of the best lefts in the Maldives and the resort is just 30 minutes boat ride from Male airport. From here, you can watch countless waves go unridden, waiting for the sun to peep its head out from the horizon just enough so you can paddle out.

Before that though, it’s probably worth checking with resident surf guide team of Jai, Ali and Smiley – and they’ll always ask: “where will you be surfing this morning?” You want a point? Fine. If swell coincides, maybe you want to push yourself a bit more over your limit – that’s fine too. Or perhaps something a little more casual? These guides know where to take you.

Your options; do you A) Leave Lohis as wave after wave goes unridden down a 200m+ reef or B) Stay, and score uncrowded perfection like you’ve seen from Google, a postcard etc. The choice is tough, world-class left or exploration, but if that’s the most stressful thing you have to decide, then so be it.

But that first wave at Lohis? Oh, it is something else. Sure, you can hammer it – if you want to. Or you can take a bit of time with it, learn its nuance, its push and pull, then really go to town. A wave like this needs sussing out. Needs expert eyes to guide you into the best of a set. Luckily, that’s all on hand.

Let’s just back up a little. Getting to the Maldives, depending on where you are, sometimes ain’t cheap for the average surfer. At Hudhuranfushi Resort, there’s a choice of more than 50 boards for you to choose from, if you want to leave your prized whip at home and not at the mercy of overzealous baggage handlers.

Also, maybe you want a destination with non-surfers in mind too? Well, if you’re coming for the trip and don’t surf, you’ll get $50 credit a day to use on things in the resort, including scuba diving, spa treatments, snorkel tours and of course, yoga. Maybe you’re one half of a surfing couple? You can go and surf while your other half can relax in paradise. When you’ve squared away the day, there’s a few ice cold chillers waiting for you.

The waves here are world class and, over the years, the Maldives has become more and more accessible. It’s why Lohis is one of the best value surf trips in the Indian Ocean that has hundreds of guests returning each year. Sounds perfect right?

If you would like more information of a surf trip to the amazing Hudhuranfushi Surf Resort, talk to World Surfaris! 

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