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I for one welcome our new surf overlords
Women Surfers are on the rise… So What?
26th Apr 2018
But there’s something similar happening in the surf scene and it’s much more immediate. If trends continue as they are the majority of tomorrow’s surfers...
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Heading South All Winter
16th Feb 2018
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Fun size!
Why Low Season Mentawais is Simply Better…
14th Feb 2018
Low Season Mentawais Equals Better Waves… for you A while ago we unceremoniously pointed out that despite your best day in the surf you’re probably...
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KabuNohi_Surf_The Point_Keyhole_Lagundri_Bay_Nias@Mark Flint (11)
5 Indo Waves To Surf Before You Die
09th Jan 2018
1. Lagundri Bay – The Point, Sorake, Nias (there’s probably more names…) This wave is always in the top 10 of must surf waves when...
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Top 7 Longboard Destinations
04th Jan 2018
7. The Mentawai Islands The first in our longboarder countdown is Togat Nusa Retreat, nestled on it’s own private island in the heart of the...
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Green Bush
Is the Mentawais Still an Adventure?
22nd Dec 2017
Green Bush Leap forward a decade into the mid 1990’s and the inevitable reveal. The lid had finally been blown off the secret. The masses...
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Hudhuranfushi Resort - Everybody wins
5 Trips That Your Non-Surfing Partner Will Love Too
20th Nov 2017
1. Hudhuranfushi Resort , Maldives. Hudhuranfushi Resort – Everybody wins For the Surfer Exclusive Wave (Lohi’s Left) out front and limited surfer numbers capped at...
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Reaching Remote Regions
Supporting The Surf For Life Project
13th Sep 2017
What is ‘The Surf For Life Project’ The Surf For Life Project was created so that underprivileged kids from all around Australia can experience the...
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Snapper Rocks (photo Shayne Nienaber)... it's crowded, you get it.
Ditch the East Coast for Samoa
06th Sep 2017
There’s The Crowds Ohhhh…. and the people. The crowds who didn’t commit to pre-dawn paddles covered in rubber, the people who ditched clean winter swells...
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Summer Wave Anyone? PNG
Why Size Isn’t Everything This Summer
22nd Aug 2017
Summer waves are good for average surfers and you’re probably one of them. Chances are your surfing skills plant you in the average category. In...
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