Look at that one!!! - Scardy at Cloudbreak (pic: Shields)

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Look at that one!!! - Scardy at Cloudbreak (pic: Shields)
5 tips for chasing swells
07th Nov 2018
Look at that one!!! – Scardy at Cloudbreak (pic: Shields) Having spent the best part of a decade chasing swells all over the world, I...
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Stumpy at Five Islands
Interview with a legendary surf guide
06th Nov 2018
If you have ever been on a surf trip to the Maldives, there’s a very good chance your surf guide played a pivotal role in...
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The best Maldives Surf Trip ever?
06th Nov 2018
You know, there’s nothing quite like waking up in a remote corner of paradise, walking a few short steps down to a world renowned point...
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Manta Surf Charter.
Here’s why your next trip should be on a surf charter
29th Oct 2018
You might also want to make sure the boat you choose for your trip is up to date with the latest in safety measures, you...
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7 waves you need to surf in the Maldives
29th Oct 2018
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B5IpYZ_wYk As with any pumping setup across the planet, there are a plethora of companies and resorts for you to pick your way through, if...
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The Importance of Quality Surf Hardware
22nd Oct 2018
We’re all familiar with this scenario… You’ve just pulled off a wave but your board got caught in the lip. The board gets sucked over...
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Embracing the uncertainty of the Rainbow Nation!
18th Sep 2018
surfing-jbay More than Supertubes Everyone knows about Supertubes, but what most don’t know is that a trip to the famed right point does not only...
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5 minutes with a Surf Photography legend – ‘Swilly’
17th Sep 2018
Swilly in a Snapshot Years as a Surf photographer: 30 years Favourite destination(s): Indo, Pohnpei, Maldives. Number of overseas trips under your belt (estimate): No...
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Cheat Notes: The Mentawai Islands
17th Aug 2018
Surfers flock to the Mentawais by the boat load every year. It is arguably the mecca of surfing for the travelling surfer. But what can...
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Around the corner in the Maldives Pic: Ryan Williams
Cheat Notes: Maldives
25th Jul 2018
https://vimeo.com/204101169 The Maldives is an incredible archipelago with a veritable buffet of waves from North to South and East to West. There are limitless options for...
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Peter Sturm MY PERSPECTIVE Jan2015 (19)
Cheat Notes: Papua New Guinea
25th Jul 2018
Surfing in PNG https://vimeo.com/264197852 Equipment Recommended Your equipment selection for Papua New Guinea is straight forward. Unlike the Mentawais or other popular Indo spots, PNG...
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11 ways to prepare for your next surf trip
25th Jul 2018
The countdown has started and you are now 2 months from jumping on that plane and heading to paradise in the hope of finding world...
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G Land Surf Shots04
Hacking Grajagan
25th Jul 2018
G Land Surf Shots04 1. Equipment Choice Equipment choice for G-Land can be determined largely by how big the surf is going to be. If...
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We spend our lives as surfers looking at perfect wave after perfect wave and it never gets old. Another fine example: perfect shape, perfect backhand tube style. But in our search for perfection, have we been ignoring the giant risks to our lives we've been taking. Photo: Randy Sparrow
The Surf Travel Risks we have been ignoring for too long
19th Jul 2018
We spend our lives as surfers looking at perfect wave after perfect wave and it never gets old. Another fine example: perfect shape, perfect backhand...
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7 ways to add value to your next surf charter
28th Jun 2018
1. BOOK EARLY Yes, you hear it every day. Watching TV while you sip your coffee and munch down on your toast before work, the...
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Bintang Surf Charter Mentawais
6 things to consider when choosing your next surf charter:
27th Jun 2018
Bintang Surf Charter Mentawais 1. Who You Travel With This is probably the most important rule in creating a great surf charter. Think about it…the most...
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Why the JS HYFI Air 17X is Your Next Travel Board
19th Jun 2018
https://vimeo.com/240772696 Under the microscope, this time around is the HYFI Air 17X …  1. Who suits this board best?  Anyone who wants to push themselves...
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I for one welcome our new surf overlords
Women Surfers are on the rise… So What?
26th Apr 2018
But there’s something similar happening in the surf scene and it’s much more immediate. If trends continue as they are the majority of tomorrow’s surfers...
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The 10 Golden Rules of Packing for Surf Travel
05th Mar 2018
WSF074_Stoked_10rules_Infographic_RGB 5. Roll it don’t fold it Again this piece advice floats around the internet like those annoying bits of parsley in a watery soup...
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260415_five islands_129 (1)
Heading South All Winter
16th Feb 2018
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