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Pic: Rambo Estrada
11 Core Surf Trips POST-COVID!
27th Jul 2020
Many surfers around the world have put their daily surf fix at the very centre of their world. Several of them have become modern day...
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7 Jewels of the Pacific
10th Jul 2020
1. SAVAII SURFARIS – SAMOA One of the most picturesque settings on the lesser populated island of Savaii in Samoa. Sit in the main lounge...
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Island Life in Fiji
The Islands of Opportunity
28th Jun 2020
The first challenge I faced was to come to grips with the geography of Fiji. It’s actually harder than it sounds. You fly into Nadi...
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4 Health Benefits of Surfing
08th Jun 2020
P1020013 1. SURFING MAKES YOU HAPPIER You already know this one if you surf. The “Surfer’s High” you have after a session in the line-up...
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Another one goes unridden at HT's - Guy Morgan
Empty Waves
01st Jun 2020
Another one goes unridden at HT’s – Guy Morgan Anger, mental anguish and anxiety would follow immediately after I learnt the plans our government had...
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The Survival of Paradise
01st Jun 2020
Film & Edit by Iñigo Grasset / Mentawai Surf Retreat https://vimeo.com/424649323 Surf tourism has been booming for more than a decade. Demand from overseas surfers...
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6 Reasons why Samoa should be your Post Covid Surf Trip
28th May 2020
IMG_5111 Historic Facts Dating back to WWI, American Samoa to the East remains an unincorporated territory of the United States. A once German controlled island...
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5 Reasons why the modern wavepool is a game changer!
01st May 2020
https://vimeo.com/380637680 Before all the current craziness of Covid-19 took over and forced the world to go ON HOLD. I was lucky enough to experience a boy...
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10 Reasons why surfing in NZ is just better!
29th Apr 2020
1. NZ is comparatively smaller than Australia This place is a group of islands with swell windows at all points of the compass. You can be...
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The ocean...without it, we cease to exist, enjoy it!
Rookie Errors in Surf Travel – Limit Expectations
10th Mar 2020
The ocean…without it, we cease to exist, enjoy it! There are two words in SURF TRAVEL. I can’t imagine many people don’t hope they’ll get...
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All the gear and no idea?
Rookie Errors in Surf Travel – Equipment
09th Mar 2020
All the gear and no idea? After avoiding all of my health related rookie errors, the second thing that I will let you digest is my guide...
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The Hinako Islands and 6 need to know facts
06th Nov 2019
Historical Facts The breaking pattern of the waves at both Bawa Island and Asu Island were significantly affected by the March 2005 earthquake that measured...
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Return to Pohnpei hero
Return to Pohnpei
24th Sep 2019
Return to Pohnpei hero Those two-storey high days are rare in Pohnpei and it’s largely due to positioning. It’s location in the central Western Pacific,...
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6 facts you need to know about Taiwan
11th Sep 2019
https://vimeo.com/359680008 Taiwan delivers great swell year round. Not known for death defying slabs or heavy hold downs, if you want that head elsewhere. Taiwan is...
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Rookie Errors in Surf Travel – Health Issue
17th Jun 2019
IMG_4446 I recently found myself enjoying a great, early season surf trip in Simelue in remote Indonesia. We had quite good waves, a great group...
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9 Surf Trips for your Honeymoon
01st May 2019
hudhuranfushi-surf-resort-aerial 1. Hudhuranfushi Surf Resort, North Male, Maldives A surfing honeymoon to remember. A choice of 3 stylish rooms, all-inclusive packages that give you exclusive access...
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20 Bizarre locations to surf before 2020 by STAB Mag
01st May 2019
Iceland-surfaris 01. Iceland Ever wanted to dance with the devil in the pale (green) moonlight? Iceland, a first world country with every possible modern amenity,...
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Kelly knows the barrel better than anyone at the Surf Ranch
Wave Pool vs Ocean, The Great Debate…
09th Apr 2019
Kelly knows the barrel better than anyone at the Surf Ranch The Modern Wave Pool With modern research and engineering, wave pool capabilities have increased...
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7 Must do Surf Trips for Time Poor Professionals
02nd Apr 2019
We based the following surf trips on a set criteria for one who is time poor and has that 7-10 day window to get away....
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Saturday Highlights Surfshots Noosa-20
2019 to be a Pivotal Year for Longboarding around the World?
02nd Apr 2019
Over the last year or so, smaller, hipster longboard contests had sprouted up, like the Barnacle in Spain, the Singlefin Mingle in New Zealand and...
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