Mahi Mahi Routines

02nd Aug 2023

Mahi Mahi Surf Resort is a pretty special place.

The team, the location, the accommodation and food, a super fun wave out the front – there really isn’t much you could fault. The island, Simeulue, is in a very remote region of Indonesia and is littered with world-class setups, less the crowds and charter boats you might experience further south. Consistent swell and light, variable wind patterns combine to create an ultra consistent zone for surfers of all abilities.

After a couple days in, I had a pretty solid routine forming.

I’d wake up around day break and check the peak, which is the wave (literally) out the front. I’d try my luck sneaking in a quick session before breakfast, paddling in just in time for a fresh smoothie, delicious omlette, and a yarn with the surf guide. Depending on the conditions, the rest of the morning would consist of another session at the peak, or I’d jump in the Mahi Mahi van and head to one of the other breaks nearby.

Lunch time at Mahi Mahi Surf Resort sees another delicious spread – its always a variety of healthy, fresh dishes, and coconut water straight from the palms out the back. Post-lunch, I’d slip away for a quick siesta or kick back at the infinity pool.

This part of Indo regularly enjoys beautiful glass offs in the late afternoon, so I always kept an eye out front with the hopes of scoring yet another session.

As the evening approaches, I’d opt for a sunset swim or stroll along the beach, followed by (another) mouth-watering spread for dinner. For me, it really was surf eat, sleep, repeat at Mahi Mahi, and I wasn’t complaining! 

Every moment of the trip was epic, but what really made it memorable was the rest of the crew staying at the resort. This meant great vibes in and out of the water, and set the tone for an unforgettable surf trip.

Logistics of getting to Simeulue can be tough if you’re a surf trip rookie. Having a surf travel guide looking after all touchpoints of your journey will make the whole experience much easier, and far more straight forward (it’s a hassle-free trip if you want it to be).

This is definitely somewhere you have to get to if you love remote, uncrowded waves, so don’t be put off by the difficulty in piecing the itinerary together – just get World Surfaris to do that part!

Overall, my experience at Mahi Mahi Surf Resort was definitely one of the best I’ve ever done. I probably say this a lot, but I genuinely loved every aspect of my trip and already can’t wait to get back there.

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