A Day In The Life At Lohis

11th Aug 2023

I wouldn’t usually start a day while on holiday with my alarm ringing out, but Ryan, the Surf Operations Manager at Lohis, has told me the early wake up will be well worth it. Those that know me have heard me say it before, but Lohis is my favourite left hander in the world to surf. It’s a long, peeling wave with high walls to carve, and when its on, has a coupe of epic barrel sections too.

It’s winter back home, but here in the Maldives it’s truly an endless summer, and I’m here for it.

I walk out of my villa in nothing but a pair of boardshorts, inhale a deep breath of the warm salty air, and glance over at the waves breaking only metres in front of me. I’m quickly reminded why this place is my Valhalla.

I make my way to the paddle out point with a bounce in my step and say g’day to the handful of other surfers enjoying their morning coffee on the Lohis Deck. The sun is just beginning to rise, and as I’m paddling out to the lineup my heart is racing with excitement and a tinge of nervousness – the surf has picked up overnight, and I have a feeling today is going to be pretty special.

I spot a set forming and without hesitation, I paddle into position. The rush of adrenaline fills me as I drop down the face of the wave, carving and gliding effortlessly, then peering up as the wave barrels over me. For a moment, it’s just me and the wave, connected in perfect harmony. It’s an incredible sensation to be in sync with nature, riding the ocean’s energy. Time seems to slow down, and I savour every second of it.

As I paddle back out ready to do it all over again, I pinch myself. Its only 6:10am and this isn’t a dream.

After a soul-filling morning session, I take a break to devour a delicious buffet breakfast. First up is a plate of Mas Huni, a Maldivian smoked tuna dish with roti, but I’ve got in the habit of having a second plate of bacon and eggs and one too many hashbrowns. Like a pro, I always wait for that fresh batch to come out straight from the kitchen. To make myself feel better, I wrap things up with a bowl of fresh fruit and yogurt and avoid the very tempting (and extravagant) pastry section. You don’t need to stuff any in your pocket here because it’s all-inclusive and there’s food available all day long, much to my delight.

My second surf is less energetic than my first, but adrenaline and the positive vibe out in the lineup keeps me going. 11:30am rolls around and I’m greeted with a warm smile at the entrance of the Chavana Day Spa by Miah, the friendly massage therapist who is going to work her magic on my shoulders for the next 30 minutes. Before I go in, I’m served a traditional Maldivian tea and have a moment to take in the smoothing background music and lush tranquil gardens that surround the treatment room. The massage left me feeling rejuvenated both physically and mentally, and ready for another surf session. The treatment was included with my World Surfaris Surfer Pass, so it was straight to the Lohis Deck for a quick bite to eat.

If only life back home included free massages.

They serve up woodfired pizzas and drinks at the Lohis Deck from around mid-morning onwards. It really is a good set up – watching one perfect left hander after the other with a cold beer in hand, surrounded by surfers from all around the world. I had one too many at lunch yesterday and wasn’t at my peak performance for the afternoon session, so today I opted for a fresh smoothie and vegetarian pizza.

A couple of familiar faces sat down on the table next to mine, and as it turns out I met this group last time I was here. The Aussie lads from Perth plan to jump on the 3pm speedboat to Sultan’s after lunch, and invite me along to go with. I haven’t surfed a right hander in a couple days, so this will be a welcomed change.

As we approach the lineup at Sultans, I’m in awe of the stunning scenery surrounding the break. The uninhabited palm-fringed islands, crystal clear water and bustling marine life make the experience seem even more surreal. There are more crowds here than what I’ve been spoilt with at Lohis, but the session is fun and consistent nonetheless. The sun is just starting to set, glistening against the ocean’s smooth surface, and I reflect on another epic day’s adventure on the boat ride back to the resort.

As the sun continues its descent, I perch up on a sun lounger in front of the Beach Bar with a mojito. The colours in the sky transition from vibrant oranges and pinks to smoothing purples and blues, and I’m mesmerised by the reflection it casts over the turquoise lagoon. Tonight, I have a reservation at the Sunset Restaurant, a waterfront venue usually reserved for Ocean Villa guests. After the action-packed day I’ve had, it’s a real treat to indulge in some fine dining.

I come back to Lohis every year, and each day I spend here is a dream come true. The magic of this place leaves a mark on you and comes with memories and friendships that last a lifetime.

It’s not something easily explained, but once you experience it for yourself, you’ll get it.

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