5 things you can’t forget on your next surf charter. 

19th Jan 2024

A Comprehensive Surf Trip Packing Guide

It feels a bit like Christmas waking up at a new surf spot every morning while on a charter in the tropics. You go to bed surfed out and before you know it the froth and anticipation starts all over again. Most of the time, you’ll be cruising around relatively remote surf regions – it’s just you, your mates, the boat and the crew. Making the most of a trip like this, both in and out of the water, is key, and so is careful preparation.  

This comprehensive packing guide provides detailed insights into what World Surfaris deems as essentials you can’t forget, ensuring you’re thoroughly equipped for every aspect of your surf charter.  


Surfboard Repair and First-Aid Kits 

We all like to think it won’t happen to us, but trust us when we say a surfboard or ding repair kit is a necessity while on a surf charter. In the middle of the ocean, it goes without saying that access to your local repair guy is impossible, meaning a D.I.Y immediate fix is the only way to go. Your repair kit should include the following: 

– Surfboard Ding Putty and Solarez: For fixing minor dings and cracks in your board. 

– Fiberglass Cloth: To patch larger damages. 

– Squeegee and Sun-Cure Resin: For quick and efficient application. 

– Customization: Tailor your kit to your specific board type, considering its construction and the common repairs it may need. 

Wellbeing, health and safety is paramount while on a boat in the tropics, so a first-aid and medical kit is without a doubt a must. Although all boats World Surfaris represents have comprehensive first-aid kits on board, it’s always recommended to take a basic kit of your own. From minor reef cuts to dehydration, the following essentials should have you covered:  

– Standard Supplies: Band-aids, antiseptic wipes, gauze, and medical tape for basic wound care. 

– Instruments: Scissors and tweezers for removing splinters or cutting dressings. 

– Medications: Pain relievers, rehydration mix, antihistamines, and motion sickness tablets. 

– Specialized Items: Aloe vera gel for sunburn, a small manual on first-aid procedures, and any personal prescription medications. 


Back-Up Surf Hardware 

Just like home, different conditions demand different set ups. To ensure you can adapt easily, it’s crucial to bring a thoughtful selection of back-up surf hardware.

Stay versatile and prepared by packing a variety of fins, extra leashes varying in size and strength, fin keys for adjustments and enough blocks of wax to go around (it probably will). By including these items in your surf trip packing list, you’re ensuring that you’re ready for whatever the ocean throws your way.This level of preparation not only maximizes your time in the water, but also enhances your overall surfing experience.   


Functional Clothing  

When packing for a surf trip, choosing the right clothing is almost as important as choosing your quiver. The right gear can significantly enhance both your performance in the water and your comfort on the boat.

For surfing, pack quick-dry board shorts and rash vests for comfort and convenience. For out the surf, lightweight, breathable and sun-protective clothing, and a few casual outfits for land-based activities is all you’ll need. Include a light spray jacket or long-sleeved t-shirt for cooler evenings.

You’ll remain barefoot while on the boat, but it’s worth throwing in a pair of durable thongs for beach-hopping or village visits. In destinations known for their coral reefs, a pair of warm-water surf booties can be a game-changer. They protect your feet from cuts and abrasions when walking across sharp coral or rocks and can provide extra grip on your board, too.


Sun Protection 

High-SPF, water-resistant sunscreen for both the face and body is indispensable while on a surf charter to protect your skin against prolonged sun exposure. Water, sweat, and towel-drying can reduce a sunscreen’s effectiveness, so it’s important to reapply more frequently than you’d think – ideally every two hours, or even more often if you’re spending a lot of time in the water or if you are towel-drying often.

A good quality surf hat is invaluable for protecting not just your face but also your scalp, which is often overlooked and vulnerable to sunburn. Choose a hat with a secure strap so it stays in place out in the surf as well as during high-speed boat rides to and from breaks.  

When you’re on the water, the sun’s glare can be just as harmful as direct sunlight. UV-protective sunglasses are essential to shield your eyes and add another thoughtful barrier.  


Waterproof Accessories 

When you’re in and out of the water all day, traditional towels just don’t cut it. Quick-dry towels are lightweight, highly absorbent, and, most importantly, dry rapidly. This means you can use them multiple times throughout the day without the discomfort of wrapping yourself in a damp towel post-surf. Their compact nature also saves precious space in your board bag, making them ideal for boat trips where luggage limits and storage on board is limited.  

Wet bags are the perfect solution for keeping your wet gear separate from your dry gear, and dry bags ensure your electronics and other valuables are protected against moisture and accidental splashes. This separation is crucial for maintaining a comfortable and hygienic living space, especially when you’re spending extended periods on a boat or in a shared accommodation setting.  

The importance of waterproof accessories, while seemingly simple, will end up playing a pivitol role in your overall surf charter experience. These items are not just conveniences; they are essential for maintaining comfort, organization, and protecting your valuables from often harsh elements.

Surf Charter Top Picks

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