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5 Indo Waves To Surf Before You Die

09th Jan 2018

Brutal title huh and full disclosure we’re not basing this on anything. There was no vote or community selection criteria we just like the look of these waves. Maybe we’ve surfed a couple of them or have put a deposit down for the trip… but basically we just regularly take five minutes to stare blankly at the pretty picture and head out for a mindsurf. We thought that you might be down for that too. Enjoy:)

1. Lagundri Bay – The Point, Sorake, Nias (there’s probably more names…)

This wave is always in the top 10 of must surf waves when these sort of lists are compiled and that should tell you something. Deep water, consistent, with an easy paddle out. Plus, you’ve probably had a friend who came back from a trip here once and still hasn’t shut up about it. Deepen that friendship and annoy other friends by heading here yourself and getting the waves of a lifetime. See pretty picture below…

2. Macaronis Left – Mentawais

Coming in at number 2 is Macaronis Left. If you’re reading about this wave for the first time right here you might want to do some better research, for example, Google ‘how to surf’, commit for all of three minutes and by then you’ll most likely want to surf this left-hander. Like many of its Mentawais counterparts Macaronis Left is super consistent but unlike some of the waves in the area, it’s pretty forgiving. ‘Macas’ has been voted the most fun wave in the world. Not sure what exactly what that means… but hey, who doesn’t love a bit of fun?

See Pretty Picture Below

3. Pinnacles – Telos Islands

There’s not a hell of a lot to this wave to be honest – it’s just REALLY pretty. It’s also a bit fussy, pretty things can get like that. The Telos Islands are littered with great waves. Go there.

4. Scar Reef – Sumbawa

Possibly the sharpest reef in Indo (no shit, seriously read the name again), don’t fall off. You’ll be barrelled off your nut though, so that’s exciting. One of the main attractions at Sumbawa, a solid Scar Reef swell demands your undivided attention and you better be on form. There’s lots of info out there about Scar Reef and LOTS of pretty pictures, see below… in the meantime, let’s get this list train a-chugging along.

5. Green Bush – Mentawais

This can be one of those ‘Eddie would go…’ waves. If you were talking about it politely you’d probably say something like ‘it’s got a lot of personality’ which is nice speak for, ‘That shit’s @#$kin mental’. If you’re not gonna make the barrel wear it on the head rather than straightening out onto the dry reef, as the avalanche of whitewash is ready to bend you over and do ‘prison’ things to you. Again, look at the pretty picture and put it on the list.

That’s all… but probably not.

No, that’s not all. Yes, we most likely missed your favourite – keep your shirt on. What about HT’s, The Hole, Lance’s Left, Padang Padang, Keramas, G-Land… T-Land? We’ll be doing more of these lists, so don’t stress. Beside these lists are about as much as you can have behind a computer… no, serioulsy. 

Stay tuned… 

Get these waves or other like them…

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