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On the spot with Moon Palikir

Most of the famous waves in Sumatra fired during April! We had the first real swell of the year. 

We started the month with our boats sailings the Mentawais and Telo Islands surfing regularly in nice, fun and playful 2-4ft waves with excellent weather, light winds and glassy conditions. Those real postcard moments! 

We surfed dreamy lefts at the Hole for 2 days by ourselves while our other boat floated around the Telos surfing mid-sized fun waves without another charter boat for about a week. 

The fishing and sunsets during April were also mesmerising and after a long day surfing there is nothing better than sitting on the bow of your private charter with a cold Bintang in hand with close mates. There’s that postcard image again…Are we teasing you yet?

The second half of the month was hit with a solid swell along with variable winds from the North/West/South West, making the surfguides work for their biscuits. Many boats hovered around the playgrounds during this time, in particular Kandui, hoping to score some big left hand barrels its world renowned for. Seeing as the wind was so unpredictable, we made the decision to head South to Lances Right (HT’s). The decision paid off as we got excellent waves in moments during the day. 

We now set sail for the first trips of May which are typically filled with swells and perfect conditions. 


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