Shoulder to head high, we’ll take it!

The shoulder to head high conditions continue here in the Caroline Islands. Consistent storms not too far from us have been bringing plenty of local weather patterns to contend with. The forecast looks good for the rest of the week so hopefully we see the first proper swell of the season. 

We all know how busy life gets at this time of year, if you have thought about getting away then you probably should. P-Pass is a great escape during this time…its easy to get here, you dont pay any ludicrous airfare surcharges just because its the holidays (Air Niugini have wholesale agreements with World Surfaris), and frankly its just one of the most beautiful places you can escape to…throw in one of the best right-handers in the world and the expert hospitality by Allois and his team and you won’t want to go back to reality. I’ve been coming here every year for over a decade…there’s a reason for that other than taking photos!

Hopefully in my next report there will be barrels aplenty! 


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