Scardy’s take on surfing Fiji @Matanivusi Eco Resort

“The Coral Coast itself is vastly different to the very dry West Facing coast of the Denarau and Mamanuca Island Group. The Coral Coast is lush, green and alive with rainforest, vegetation and running streams. The various mountain ranges, rivers and streams have cut swathes in the fringing reefs to create all kinds of passes, twists and turns. Matanivusi Surf Resort is placed very close to some of the reefs on the Coral Coast. Jay’s a wrapping right hand reef break is only a few minutes by boat and only another few minutes further out is Fiji Pipe, a hollow left barrel that is picture perfect on its day.

There are more waves within a 20 minute boat ride that can be accessed if conditions prevail and local breaks are not favourable. The most famous of all the waves in the area is Frigates. Frigates picks up more south west swell than anywhere in Fiji!  It is located offshore and requires one of Matanivusi’s safe long range boats to get you out there. The trip is organized the evening before and preparations are made with lunches packed.  Depending on conditions the trip is 35-45 minutes out to the far reaching fringe reef of Frigates. The South East Trade winds are side and offshore depending on the angle and strength. Crowds are always minimal to non-existent!  You have to love that about this part of Fiji!!  The wave itself is fun and playful with a few good sections.  When it gets bigger it becomes more serious, with the same type of power as Cloudbreak.

After a day of surfing your brains out, its back to this amazing resort that is truly one of a kind.  Built Eco friendly and amongst the rainforest!  There are many benefits to staying in a small boutique resort. The family atmosphere, attention to detail and, well, everyone knows your name!!  The food is amazing and all sourced locally.

If you are looking for something different, off the beaten track BUT close to home then check out the Australian owned and run Matanivusi Surf Resort on Fiji’s Coral Coast!”

David Scard – World Surfaris 


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