Samoan Vibes

“Pastor Point has been the star of this week, delivering 3ft offshore right handers running down the uncrowded point for our aquatic enjoyment! Pastor Point is the perfect place for all skill levels, providing various sections of the wave that includes the whole package – barrels, wide open faces for cut-backs, crumbly lips for turns and a nice slow end section that breaks into a sandy channel.

The rest of the trip involved some adventures around to the regular attractions – blowholes, waterfall all amongst our beautiful culture. While there was sporadic rain, Samoa always seems to deliver a glistening, golden sunset or two every week just to remind us of the paradise we live in”.
Alex Pundyk 

Set up down the line.

Pastor Point breaks similar to Snapper Rocks, minus the crowd.

Racing to the end.

The Blowholes.

Discovering the serenity of the waterfalls.

The view from dinner at Aganoa Lodge Samoa, Pegasus Lodges & Resorts.

Glistening end to the day.

Tropical vibes.

Our local workers in a traditional ‘Ava Ceremony.

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