Rich’s latest Hudhuranfushi Surf Report

“There’s a very good reason that this report is being compiled two weeks late… non-stop waves! I think I finished my July report by mentioning that Lohis was still 4-5ft as I wrote… well it didn’t let up until late in August! I’m calling it 35 consecutive days of  quality waves (and beautiful weather)!  Of course all good things do come to an end and by the end of the month the swell was tapering off and we had a pretty ordinary run of smaller conditions, but by the 4th September it was back to business as usual with another run of back to back swells. 

It’s funny, everywhere else I have ever lived for any length of time, it has always felt that the waves were better, way back when, but here in the Maldives it seems as if the seasons just keep on getting better, not necessarily bigger waves but more consistent and with better conditions more often. When I sat down to write this report I scoured my photo files for the days of note – but I wasn’t looking for the good days, no, I was looking for the bad days – the small, windy days so that I could actually say something other than perfect 3-5ft every day so I’m sorry if it’s getting monotonous but that’s the way it goes.

To quote Lohis regular Mitch Coleborn as he sat with a beer in hand after another amazing week mid August” 
This place is amazing, there’s good waves all the time! Every trip we do here we score.

Surf Guide & Photographer – Richard Kotch
August 2016 Surf Report

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