Troy Lane

Unreal - great resort, waves and staff!

We saw a lot of people slip on the ramp at Lohis on mid to high tide, mostly trying to come back in but a couple while entering the water. Some boards damaged along with a few cuts. We spoke to the guides on the first day and they told us a few tricks including paddling around to the beach on high tide which saves a whole lot of board damage. Not many other people knew about this. It would be good if there was some local info handed out upon or before arrival because the guides lose track of who they have spoken to. This could also include some info on the sea urchins – we saw a few people caught off guard with them, putting their feet in holes well below the low tide mark.

Also, a LOT of snaking going on by people who weren’t too crash hot at surfing. They seemed to have no idea as they caught a wave, paddled back to the top of the line up and got on the defence as people rightly tried to hassle them for the next set. I know this is harder to control but again maybe some info on how to behave in a line up for those who are a bit clueless?

Overall a great trip with heaps of waves. I will be going back.

Troy L

Trip: Hudhuranfushi Surf Resort – Lohis
Date of Stay: 18-26 Apr 2019
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food4
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