Ronald Anderson

It exceeded all expectations, much more than just a great surf break.

Better than what i ever imagined.
From the booking arrangements, detailed, instructions, that you need to follow, right up to your arrival was so easy.
Then to be greeted by such wonderful staff. The accommodation, was exactly what i was hopping for, and it just kept getting better. As a very novice body boarder, i was very apprecitive of Mick’s time and effort to get me comfortable with the surf and guide me onto the biggest and best waves ever.
And this was just the first morning.
By the end of the week the locals were even helping me with wave selection and take off positions.
My birthday celebrations and Thursday night music and dance performance were bonuses to an already fantastic week.
Thanks Mick and all the wonderful staff at Tupira Surf club
I will be back!!!!

Ronald A

Trip: Tupira Surf Club
Date of Stay: 19-27 Jan 2019
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food4
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