Paul Stegman


This was not a manicured trip… it had a real edge to it. Locals with machetes, the beetlenut, coconut trees, exotic fruit and the big wooden drum that called us in from the surf for mealtime. Food was fresh and plentiful. Tupira is a real village. The people welcoming and warm. We surfed every day. Local guide Mick had it wired and really helped all get their fair share of waves. Loved the traditional room with mozzie nets. We surfed other picture postcard locations such as Suaru. How excited we were when told Tupira had negotiated with another village and we were the first foreigners to surf an A frame beach break. It didn’t take long, we were soon joined by a dozen or so local kids riding their small bits of balsa wood. Much hooting and hollering. Then at sunset, sitting on the bench with a cold beer or fresh coconut juice, stories were swapped. Yes not everything was perfect. Air PNG cancelled our inbound Madang flights twice. The return was eventful. A semi trailer now sits at the bottom of the river after breaking the bridge. More inter-village agreements were needed to allow us to travel and land on another village’s beach. It’s all part of the experience. Would we go back? You betcha twin fins.

Paul S

Trip: Tupira Surf Club
Date of Stay: 27 Dec - 6 Jan 2018
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food4
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