Neil Dyball

Amazing experience in the Telo Islands, everything is taken care of as soon as you

Exceptional trip to the Telo Islands and somewhere I’d recommend highly and certainly we will be returning too.

While it’s a journey to get there everything along the way is taken care of. You are greeted at the airport in Padang by the Latitude Zero crew and then walked through every step until you board the chartered flight to the Telo Islands. Once you land in the Telo Islands you are greeted by the local kids before boarding the boat to the island (bring a few gifts like pens & crayons for the kids as they go down a treat).

As you pull into the island you step onto paradise and a luxury surf trip with the boys (or family). The accommodation is great, clean, well kept and somewhere even the family would be happy – all the luxuries required including laundry if need. There are games rooms, a gym and newly built spa facility which is excellent after a long day out in the water (is recommend booking your massages once you arrive for the whole week as that way you get the times and days you want).

The staff are out standing, everyone knows your name within a day and is always smiling and happy to help. The team even carries your boards on and off the boat each day – this is a luxury surf trip.

Each day starts with an early breakfast, pretty much anything you want .. you have to pay a little extra for the smoothies (breakfast smoothie is excellent) and specialty coffee. I’d recommend getting an extra takeaway egg & bacon wrap for the boat – a little snack during the day. Once you finish breakfast it’s on the boat for a 7am start and depending on your day you head either north or south into the Telo Islands (you rotate each day).

The boats are big, fast, comfortable and extremely safe so an easy way to spend the day should you decide to have a break from the waves – or just need a place to rest & catch your breath. The guides know their areas and will always find the best waves in the chain – it might not be the first place your arrive at. Each boat has a massive digital camera with a telescopic lense and the guides will take photos all day and no extra cost – they go up on the resort TV at the end of each day and you can get a copy at the end of the trip – I came away with just over 900 of just myself!!!

The food is excellent and rotates on an 11day calendar so you never have the same dinner twice. The lunch on the boat is excellent and once again different each day, you can keep a little to throw to the fish after lunch. Each boat has a couple of coolers full of bintangs, sports drinks and cokes. There is loads of fresh water and ice available on the boat as well.

I could go on and on about how great the team and the resort is but to sum it up we will be back and as quickly as we can …. well done to Wally and the team at Latitude Zero Resort – outstanding week in the Telo Islands!!

Neil D

RLZ amazing aerial shot b y Mick Curley
Trip: Resort Latitude Zero
Date of Stay: 1 - 9 Sep 2018
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food5
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