Michael Williams

Great trip, Shane is a fantastic host.

Loved the opportunities to interact with local people and to travel to different surf breaks. The food was plentiful.  Shane is a fantastic host who goes out of his way to make you surf as much as possible. His local knowledge on cultural and surfing matters is invaluable. Everyone was friendly and accommodating. Definitely a good destination if you want to experience more than just going surfing. Probably not suited to guys who want resort style accommodation and easy waves but perfect for those looking for an adventure and the chance to experience the fantastic people and culture in that part of PNG.

The waves are dependent on swell direction and most of the breaks are not mechanical, they have a certain wave which is the one, and it can take some time to work out the right one but Shane is helpful in that department… the lack of crowds is a massive bonus and the reason I have chosen PNG for my last two trips instead of Indo which has amazing waves but crowds to go with it. My previous trip was Tupira and the wave out the front there is better than the wave out the front at Rubio in my opinion but at Rubio you get to surf more breaks and see more which I loved and also I thought that the village people were more friendly and receptive to tourists on New Ireland which added incredibly to my trip. 

Michael W

This surf-rich east coast of New Ireland is unchartered by mainstream surfers
Trip: Rubio Plantation Retreat
Date of Stay: 1-10 Feb 2017
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Quality of Food4
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