Matt Muir

An amazing experience

Tupira was for me a trip that had a little bit of everything . I got to surf everyday at least twice , most days three or four times . The set up for Tupira was good . I enjoyed the sleeping arrangements , although i did get a room to myself closest to the water so i think that made my experience considerably cooler than some of the other rooms which are toward the back of the building . Food was great , with all meals plentiful and fresh . The fruit in PNG is next level , wish we got that back home . I loved the fact that we go to go on a walk through local villages . This for me was a highlight as i love to engage in the local culture and way of life and i really enjoy making that bond , this really makes my decision to go on more trips to PNG . I really enjoyed my time at Tupira and will go again .
In every trip there a couple of things that kind of put a dampener on things . It was very clear from arrival that there is some mistrust between Mick(camp manager) and the local staff . This made most of the guests sit back and really take note of what was going on . IN MY OPINION …Tupira will not be getting to many return customers until the camp manager has been replaced or has some drastic change of approach to the way the camp is managed . . It is uncomfortable for a guest to see the division and i feel that the locals are having a real go at trying to to the best for there guests. Obviously there is a lot more going on than we know and can see within a week but its very clear there is a problem . I felt that this was not a good look for World Surfaris and i will be very honest with you guys , if the management was the same next time i went to book my trip , i probably wouldnt bother booking .. The only other issue which i didnt think was real great was the fact that you pay 30 Kina to go surf other breaks . This is the only camp that does this is it deters alot of surfers from wanting to explore more waves . There has to be a way that this is not an added extra cost ?

Overall my trip was a great experience and really look forward to visiting Tupira again soon .I must also say that the world surfaris crew made my trip extremely easy and the preparation and information given to me prior and within the trip was exceptional . Thank you and well done .

Matt M

Trip: Tupira Surf Club
Date of Stay: 23 Feb-03 Mar 2019
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food3
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