Luke Bennett

Great variety of quality waves and awesome food.

We had a great time at Rubio Plantation. There was a huge variety of different waves to surf every day within a short distance from the accommodation (and no one else out!). The rooms are basic but comfortable, the only let down would be the discomfort from the heat when trying to sleep at night. The food was excellent every day. Shane, the surf guides and the rest of the staff made sure we had an awesome time.

We missed out on surfing the first day at Nusa Island because of strong winds. We surfed every other day at Nago Lefts with the last couple of days being by far the best (watch out for the sharp live coral on the inside). It was a longer wave than most of the others around Rubio around the 3-4 ft mark most of the time. It would have been good to get more variety of waves but no other breaks were working. There was one issue with another group taking our time slot on a boat to go out and surf but other than that everything ran smoothly. The accommodation, food, bar and staff were all excellent.

Luke B

Date of Stay: 31 Dec - 12 Jan 2017
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food5
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