Jonathan Drake

Great crew, waves of all types, everything you are looking for without the tourist bullshit.

Fabulous experience. Amazing something like Pinnacles Telos can exist in today’s world. For a vegetarian, the food needs some help. Lots of focus on complicated delicious cuisine but not so much focus on nutritious fare. Keep it simple. Roasted peanuts instead of popcorn. Roast them on site daily. Go with Cashews and nuts and beans and legumes and local noodle dishes etc. Skip the pastries and complicated French desserts. While it’s amazing to see that complicated cooking out in Indo, nobody cares that much. Athletes are looking for nutritious more than delicious and vegetarians need high quality calories. Hire a nutrition expert and serve nutritious and delicious food for athletes. You will be glad you did.

Jonathan D

Date of Stay: 13-21 July 2019
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food2

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