John Wayne

Excellent accommodation and food... friendly staff

We had a great trip.  Excellent accommodation and food.  Friendly staff.  I was there 8 years ago for 2 weeks.  The first week was great with favourable wind and swell.  The second week suffered from unfavourable winds which unfortunately was prevalent again this trip.  This restricted us to Ral and Kapsu Point.  I think the trade off is no other surfers and we did get some nice waves at both those locations.  I am sure that one day it will all come together so from my point of view that is enough incentive to consider another trip same
time next year.

John W

Nusa Island, just off the coast of Kavieng, New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea
Trip: Nusa Island Retreat
Date of Stay: 10-18 Dec 2016
Surf Stoke2
Quality of Food5
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