John Hart


Firstly, BIG thank you for the manager Michael. He did a GREAT job, I could not fault ANY aspect for what he did. He was a great icon for the Tupira & World Surfari Brands, both organisations should be proud for the job he does and the way he conducts himself. I sincerely hope he continues as a manager at this locations and / or any other job in the industry, I can not speak highly enough of his conduct, behaviour & surf guide skills, and he certainly managed the place extremely well
We were EXTREMELY lucky with the swell & surf conditions, especially to experience Tawulte lefts.
The stay at Madang Lodge makes sense. The re-opened bridge will make the transfer a lot easier on the first day of a trip. The Madang Lodge wifi is hopeless ha ha!
I took a wifi modem that I purchased in Bali & bought a SIM for 30 Kina for 1 GB for 7 days at Port Moresby. This worked well outside of Port Moresby & Madang. As a former Telecommunications Engineer, I believe the problems in these “cities” were due to network congestion
World Surfaris possibly need to manage peoples expectations per:
1. PNG’s limitations – infrastructure like roads, power & telecommunications, the possible safety issues (crowded places etc).
2. The road trip from Madang to the lodge is more like 2 hours 40 mins, not 2 hours
3. The breaks are NOT for Beginners. It should be Intermediate at least, with solid fitness. There were 2 rank beginners on the trip, expecting a lot of coaching & teaching time from Michael. Tupira & Suaru are nasty reefs

John H

Date of Stay: 02-09 Feb 2019
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food4
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