John De Laurence

A trip that helps put your life in perspective.

The down side relates to the connections. So much time waiting around. The road trip to Tupira is a bit on the diabolical side but it also adds to the sense of adventure and certainly brings home the fact that you are heading into an environment that is not like home in so many ways.

Tupira itself is well run and if there is a better host than Nikki that would be surprising. He did his best to make sure we got the best of what the area had to offer and he engaged fully with all of us although I am certain that at times his patience was tested. Our security was important to him and he was knowledgeable about the surf, where it would be on and when it would likely be at its best.

When we set out for this trip I was a bit worried that the 6 days we booked would not be enough time. It turned out that thanks to New Guinea time facilitated by the lack of TV, radio and news, days seemed longer and I came away feeling as if I had two weeks away instead of one.

John D

Trip: Tupira Surf Club
Date of Stay: 4-11 Mar 2017
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food4
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