Jamie Kaden

Best trip -- so hard to believe waves of this quality are not yet wrecked by crowds.

Surfing Village has an amazing setup up. An awesome wave out front plus multiple options in the boats for whatever conditions the wind and swell throw up. I’ve never been a fan of organised camps/boats that have “surf guides” because that’s usually code for “someone that’s getting paid to be on my surf trip who is better at surfing than me, has been here before, knows what they’re doing and takes lots of (my) waves”. But Bruno and Michel at SV were nothing like that – the best most relaxed guys you could possibly want to take us around the breaks, genuinely helping us get more waves and surf better (and taking photos). I hope to go back before this area of the world is over run by crowds.

Jamie K

Trip: Surfing Village
Date of Stay: 12-24 Jun 2017
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food4
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