Frank Weggelaar

Our expectations were exceeded!

From the very beginning we were blown away.  Our Beach Villa on the east side of the island offered us perfect access to excellent snorkelling – the fish-life was amazing!  The staff on the island were very friendly and helpful.  The highlight was walking out to Lohis surf break.  Normally rolling up to an iconic break results in glares and even hostility.  Not here!  As soon as we arrived Smiley welcomed us and gave us information on the break, the best take-off positions and where to paddle in or out.  In the water the vibe was equally friendly.  Aggression is not tolerated!  While the same cannot be said of the surfers at some of the breaks on nearby islands the information given to us by the surf guides meant that we were well-equipped to deal with the waves as soon as we hit the water.  Going back – definitely!

Frank W

Trip: Hudhuranfushi Surf Resort – Lohis
Date of Stay: 18-27 Apr 2017
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food4
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