Dave Williams

Best ever in 20 odd years of surf trips...

G’day Greig, Nanita, Gill and Whits (WavePark),
Thanks guys for such a great trip. Best ever in 20 odd years of the group getting away on surf trips. Topped expectations by a long shot!!!  

As you heard from each of us on the last night, you all made us feel so welcome and nothing was ever too hard. In fact, you all put such a positive and proactive effort in which meant all of us got the most out of the trip which is a challenge for a group of 13 of all different surfing ability (and personalities).  The hospitality, professionalism, friendship and genuine caring nature extended to us all was greatly appreciated by each and every one of us. We certainly all felt that we got the most out of the trip.  The sentiment among our crew on our return to Aus was nothing but positive with not one criticism among the group. 

And as for the photos, they were great! Thanks Greig for the session out at Hideaways. One hell of a memory and so stoked that it was captured on film. My 8 year old frothing son was amazed (which is great as a dad!). I’m out for a dawn surf with him in the morning before school (another 0530 start). If you do happen to come across any other shots from that day from the boat, I’d be so grateful if you could pass them on.  

If ever any of you are in the Byron Bay area in the future, feel free to drop by.
Cheers guys and I hope the rest of the season goes well.
Dave Williams 

Dave W

Trip: WavePark Mentawai Surf Resort
Date of Stay: 24 Jul - 2 Aug 2017
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food5
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