Bob Allo

Excellent surf, great all round surf resort!

Great trip, good surf between 2-6 ft and a great vibe in the water. Theres’s a limit of 45 surfers in the resort at any one time, however we only had between 20-30 surfers over our 8 day stay there. Also, with 2 daily boat trips available to the other breaks eg Sultans, Jails etc, the vibe out front at Lohis was always relaxed and respectful. The guides also ensue there’s no hassle in the water. I noticed there was one apparent snaking during one session, unintentional, but they had a quiet word and it was all sorted very calmly. This was my second time to Lohis and there have been several improvements over the past few years. The food has got better, the 2-3 boat trips are included in the tariff, non-surfers get a credit on resort spend such as massages , snorkelling trips etc and the surfers bar area is more welcoming than before, with breakfast and lunch options either there or at the Banyan restaurant. Yoga is available on the deck and I see they’ve tweaked the times a bit to fit in better with breakfast or surf sessions. Surf guides in different surf camps/resorts can be a mixed bag but I reckon these guys are pretty good in terms of general communication and support for those that need it. There’s often one of the guides in the water with a camera as well as a zoom lens shooting pics from the deck, so if your’e interested, they take excellent photos (take a thumb drive with you in case you wan t to buy yours). The Resort could do with a few improvements generally, get a decent coffee machine at the Surfers Bar and include that in the Surfers tariff and get some healthy smoothies/juices happening. Hudhurunfushi isn’t a high end resort, however its more than comfortable, food is good (especially the awesome curries), its clean, there’s heaps of shade from the trees on the island and the staff are very very friendly. Recommended for all surfers, especially those like me who are way past trips to places like the Ments, preferring something more manageable. Going with your wife/family is a good option or another couple. Heading back next year for sure. Don’t overthink your board choice, if you’re in need of something different, they’ve got a heap you can choose from for daily rental.

Bob A

Trip: Hudhuranfushi Surf Resort – Lohis
Date of Stay: 10-18 June 2019
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food4
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