Bill Larkin

Great waves in awesome location

Tupira is a magic spot! we scored really great waves everyday at Tupira and scored a few cracking surfs at Suaru. It is such a magic location and so nice to see how pristine it is up there. The people were awesome and the food great and the whole set up was fantastic. The only downside was the camp manager/surf guide. He is a strange kettle of fish with pretty severe little man syndrome and a chip on both shoulders. He spoke really badly to staff and we were told by many of them that they really didn’t like him and you could really feel that vibe. He also surfed every surf with us and wasn’t shy about snaking inside and taking the set waves. I’ve been to nearly all the surf camps in PNG and PNG explorer and every one of them had a great manager/surfguide which the staff and locals really liked however this was the complete opposite at Tupira. I would go back there in a flash but wouldn’t go near the place if he was still running it and would advise anyone else to check if he was still there before booking too.

Bill L

Trip: Tupira Surf Club
Date of Stay: 23 Feb-02 Mar 2019
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food4
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