Anna M

Excellent service and experienced crew!

I went on the Maavahi boat for 10 days and had the best holiday! The service and professionalism of the crew was impeccable. Twice a day our cabins where cleaned and beds made, making the 10 days journey comfortable. The boat was always clean and meals served on time. Every evening our surf guide Hoobz would have a run down about how the next day will be and what our options are, he was a terrific surf guide and also made sure everyone got waves. I was on a boat trip with experienced surfers and being only a new intermediate surfeur I was worried at first but had just as much fun as anyone else thanks to Hoobz pointing out appropriate waves for me. We would surf for hours and hours each day until we where completely exhausted, and after we finish surfing as soon you step on the boat the crew is handing you cold water to drink, it was a really nice touch of service. You also had the showers at the back of the boat so you could immediately rinse off and get clean. Our towels were folded and dry ready for us to use too. Whenever the boat was moving from one spot to another spot we had fishing lines out and catch plenty of fish, the crew made tuna sashimi and grilled fish for us. Nothing is better than fresh caught fish for diner! I can’t say thank you enough to the boat crew and World Surfaris for making this trip a successful, stress free holiday.

Anna M

Trip: Maavahi – Outer Atolls
Date of Stay: July
Surf Stoke5
World Surfaris Service5
Quality of Trip5

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