Andrew Whiteley

Shit surf, great time through

Unfortunately we copped 30 knots of southerly from day 2 which really messed up the surf with Salani totally blown out and then once the wind dropped the swell was all over the place. We did have nice clean waves though on the last day at Skingrafts. Weather in general was atrocious with the start of the monsoon. I don’t think we saw the sun, just lots of rain. That said we had a good time and the Salani crew were really great. Its worthwhile taking some fishing gear, hard body lures especially as when the surf was stuffed we went fishing in the boats, catching some nice trevally. Salani didn’t charge us for any of these extras due to the surf state. We experienced a small earthquake when we were there to add to the experience, luckily only a 4 on the richter scale. Cheers Andy

Andrew W

Trip: Salani Surf Resort
Date of Stay: 4 - 10 Nov 2018
Surf Stoke2
Quality of Food4
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