Resort Latitude Zero off to a great start in 2017

Date: 04.01.17 / Swell: 2-4 ft / Wave Frequency: 12 sec.

…Now with the New Year’s hangovers washed away guests have been making the most of the tail end of yet another glassy off season SW swell, getting barreled and throwing buckets from dawn till dusk… Once again, The Telo Islands have been providing the goods!  Needless to say, the Bintangs have been tasting that much sweeter in the arvo after those long sessions.  Take a look at the treats Huey has been serving up below.  – Your surf guide team @ Resort Latitude Zero.

Date: 02.01.17 / Swell: 2-5 ft / Wave Frequency: 14 sec.

…What a way to start 2017!! After a big night around the resort celebrating not only New Years but one of our surf guide’s 25th an a guest 50th you could only imagine how rotten the (bing) tang overs were as the resort awoke the following day. Everyone seemed to make a speedy recovery as first signs of waves were unbelievable! Rippable waves had the all the guest staying in the water dust to dawn over the last two days. A great sign for the year a head!  – Your surf guide team @ Resort Latitude Zero.

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