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Sri Lanka – East Coast

Sri Lanka stands as a surfers’ haven, boasting an array of right-hand, sand/rock bottom point breaks along its coastline, making it one of the premier destinations for surfers seeking enjoyable to challenging conditions. Its natural landscapes, from turquoise lagoons to lush mountainous forests, provide a breathtaking setting for a surf trip. The country is also noted for its wildlife, including elephants and other animals, often seen roaming freely.

The surf season in Sri Lanka is divided into two, providing excellent surfing conditions year round. The East Coast, particularly celebrated for its right-hand sand bottom point breaks, comes alive from April to October, catching ample Southwest swells from the Indian Ocean storms.

Surf spots such as Arugam Bay, Pottuvil Point, and Peanut Farm are optimal with 3-4ft swells, though they are capable of handling the occasional 6-8ft swell, especially during June, July, and August. With rides ranging from 50 to 200 meters, Arugam Bay is known for its enduring point break that tests your stamina and fitness.


Lanka – East Coast

The East Coast is a mecca for right-hand sand bottom point breaks. From May to October, the East Coast of Sri Lanka picks up a lot of South West swells, generated by the storms of the Indian Ocean. 

Known surf spots like Arugam Bay, Pottuvil Point and Peanut Farm work best in a 3-4ft swell but can handle up to 6-8ft in the rare big swell (most likely in Jun, Jul, Aug). 

50 – 200 metre rides are normal at A-Bay and can turn your legs to jelly. It is the ultimate ‘run-around’ style point break. So do plenty of cardio to prepare before you head over. 


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Sri Lanka Surfaris – East Coast
Sri Lanka Surfaris – East Coast
Sri Lanka – East Coast - Sri Lanka

Only 66,000sq km in area, yet a treasure trove of diverse and astonishing surprises, Sri Lanka is a cornucopia of magnificent beaches, rain forests, charming...

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