Pohnpei…the memory maker

The last half of the week saw a fun swell with great weather. I was sitting in the line-up yesterday thinking to myself, this is what surfing is about. Two foot with the odd three foot set rolling in.  You and a bunch of mates having an absolute blast. This island is still one of the few spots left where you can enjoy an empty line up.

As I said good bye to some of my guests last night, you could see they were sad to leave but full of glowing memories of such a special place. Pohnpei often has that affect on people. You become part of the family at Pohnpei Surf Club and you share the stoke on every wave that comes through this magical lineup. This island is one in a million and it just keeps you coming back.

The first big swell of the season is imminent, we can feel something brewing and its only a matter of time. But between now and then, we are making the most of the pristine conditions 2-4ft waves that are super rippable with the odd drainer lining up.




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