Picture Perfect from P-Pass by Swilly

Monday was a picture perfect day with light off shore and sunny skies.

The surf was in the 2 to 4 foot range and just 6 of us out. The morning session was super fun. The afternoon session till dark was just pretty as! Lemon light and fun waves.


Tuesday saw same size swell with stronger winds. Still better than 90 % of what you surf at home.

Weds saw us head to Nan Madol and the waterfall. I have to say, I have been to the ruins lots over the years. I still find myself in awe at how they made this stone wall town. It dates back to just after AD times.

I also find myself thinking what life there must have been like. A short drive from the ruin are Kapinga falls.So pretty and the water is so fresh. Perfect after walking around Nan Madol in the hot sun.


There is still hardly anyone here. The season has started people! Air Niugini have really cheap flights. Certainly beats the way I used to get here in the past…oh and the old surfboard fees United used to charge! Do yourselves a favor and look them up or better still get World Surfaris to look them up as part of your PSC surf package. Looking good for Friday with light winds. Fingers crossed the guests here score!

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