Pastor Point Perfection @Samoa

“Pastel sunsets and Pastor Point have themed this week at Aganoa Lodge with plenty of little runners meeting the remote reef pass situated only a 30 minute drive from the lodge. Pastor Point is as fun as you can get in terms of a beginner to intermediate wave as it provides a clean open faced wall for surfers as they glide down the slow moving right hander. That is not to leave out the occasional doubled up barrel section for those wishing to tuck into the pocket of the Snapper Rocks style break.

Blue pools has been another wave that has awoken this week with the north swells that the north coast of Oahu sees, arriving onto the shores of Savai’i 3 days later. Accessible by our onsite boat, the left hander has been compared to Cloud Break in Fiji when it is pumping but it can be a super rippable wave even when conditions are not perfect. Luckily for our guests, there isn’t particularly an “off-season” in Samoa due to all coasts of our scenic island having waves on them. This is why we have guests booked all the way through December!”
 Alex Pundyk 

Tropical perfection.

Clean lefts to start the day.

Transport in the tropics.

Super fun Pastor Point.

Taking advantage of the fun surf.

We’ve transformed this quiet pacific hideaway into a prime escape destination. The perfect, uncrowded, affordable option for surfers, couples and families. Only five hours from the Oz east coast and Hawaii.

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