P-PASS Weekly by Simon ‘Swilly’ Williams (Nov 21st-28th 2016)

Hi All,

The start of the week saw a small NNW swell that slowly faded.  After we milked the swell for everything  we could, we took to sightseeing.  Nan Madol are the ruins of first tribes here. It is wild to think about how they managed to get in place the massive stones that make up the main building in the centre of this site.  Our guide says that the locals believe that the stones were levitated into position.  Who knows?

We also went and did a trip to one of the local water falls. So pretty, a must do for your stay here.

Last but no means least, yesterday we went to one of the outer atolls of the island, Ant Atoll. One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It’s just mind blowing the colour in the coral wall of the entrance passage.  Once inside the lagoon you are met with the best beach and small island you can imagine.  Fish all around you and just mindless serenity. Bucket list for sure.

A decent looking swell is due to hit early next week. This should be here in time to welcome the first World Surfaris clients of the season on the new Air Niugini flights.

To get over here with you and your buddies, contact Scardy and the World Surfaris team for more info.

Till next time

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