P-PASS Weekly by Simon ‘Swilly’ Williams (5th Dec-12th Dec 2016)

We have had a few lay days this week, but there have also been super fun waves.

Saturday the swell came up and its been 4 foot and fun as with guests spending 5 hours in the water, a few sunburnt backs tonight!  A few strong storms came over during the past 3 days but it would actually work in our favor and blow the lineup light offshore or a complete glass off.

I think when you mention the word P-Pass to anyone they immediately think of some huge top to bottom pit with a super gnarly shallow reef. It is true that sometimes it can get like this but we are talking 2 to possibly 3 times a season and even then the swell will last for only 24 – 48hrs before going back to fun head high barrels. It is mind blowing actually being there to watch it like this and if you have ever been lucky enough to sit alongside Chopes or even Pipeline at 10ft + you would put P-Pass up there in the same category.

In reality, P-Pass is normally a super fun long rippable wall with some great fun pits suitable for intermediate surfers.

So whether you are an absolute charger seeking huge barrels or you simply want to get barreled on one of the easiest and funnest right-handers on the planet, you have to visit P-Pass. Don’t forget there are plenty of other waves nearby too, so the options are endless.


See you soon.



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