P-PASS Weekly by Simon ‘Swilly’ Williams (28th Nov-5th Dec 2016)

Kaselehila means hello in Pohnpei.

It has been an odd 5 days. We are still waiting on a swell, but have had a lot of small fun days of 3ft +. Waiting for swell gives you a great chance to go and explore the 6 waterfall trail. It’s a mind blowing valley that has 6 stunning waterfalls. In all my 12 years of coming to islands I had never done it.

I have to say more fool me… This was one of the best things I have ever seen. Stunning waterfall in a lush tropical rainforest back drop. I think I said the word WOW a million times.

There is a down side to this. You have to be a cross between a ninja warrior, Tri-athlete and mountaineer to get there. Saying this it’s worth the pain.

Something else worth noting is the lack of any bugs or poisoness  creatures. Not a snake to be seen.  The island has a lack of any of these nasty things, which makes life really pleasant.

Forecast is looking good for the start of December so fingers crossed. We welcome the first World Surfaris guests on Sunday the 4th December who will arrive on the new Air Niugini flights to Pohnpei which depart Australia weekly from Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns.

We look forward to seeing as many friendly faces as possible and hope to get you surfing amazing waves!
Kalahngan means, thank you!

7th – 14th Nov 2016
14th – 21st Nov 2016
21st – 28th Nov 2016 

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