P-PASS The best 16 from 2016 by Swilly

P-PASS 2017/18 season is about to get underway. Frothing photographer and all round legend of a bloke, Simon ‘swilly’ Williams is about to head back to one of his favourite places on earth to shoot and surf this amazing wave! But first here is a glimpse of what happened in 2016.


Swilly: Pohnpei 2016! I started my season in October and what a great season it was.  We didn’t get any massive swells, however the surf we had consistently ranged between 2 to 8 feet. It was exceptional conditions for all levels of surfing. 

Lets face it if you’re coming to p-pass to surf 10-20 foot waves, you’ve probably won a world title or have come close!  For the rest of us mere mortals it was amazing to get those perfect sized mid-rangers (3-6ft) for over 80% of the season.

Crowds you ask?  Minimal…Which meant in one session at p-pass you would probably get more waves than a whole month at home! I know thats true for me…

The Island is much more than a surf destination, it offers some of the most stunning scenery to explore and many of the photos attached to this gallery will show you just what you might come to expect.  These amazing atolls, all round make for some of the best snorkelling/diving conditions in the world.


I will be over in Pohnpei staying with my good mate Allois at the Pohnpei Surf Club from the 18th November – 24th December. If you are keen to get barreled with me and go home with a stick of barrel memories please contact the World Surfaris team on 1800 611 163 or email info@worldsurfaris.com

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