Our Exchange Rate Promise

Each and every year thousands of loyal clients choose to travel with World Surfaris. As the World’s Premier Surf Travel Company we strive to make sure our clients are always getting the best possible price on any given surf adventure in our range. We are continuously chasing the best deal for our clients and this wouldn’t be possible without an efficient foreign exchange strategy.

Many clients are aware that there are a significant number of surf adventures are priced in foreign currencies, not Australian Dollars (AUD$). When the exchange rate between the foreign currency and the AUD$ changes significantly, the same surf trip that is priced in a foreign currency can become increasingly expensive or cheaper, depending on which way the exchange rate has moved.

We understand what a bummer it is when you commit to a trip months in advance and the price increases as the trip date approaches due to adverse currency movements. So we won’t do that to our clients. Once you have deposited your trip, we guarantee that price, even if your trip is ages away and even if the exchange rate plummets. We are able to do that because as Australia’s leading surf travel company, we have access to wholesale foreign currency markets and forward contract facilities.

In addition, the volume of foreign currencies that we use each year and our access to wholesale currency markets allows us to buy foreign currencies at much better rates than can be obtained over the counter in a small retail transaction at a bank. Which we pass on to you as part of the service. It’s just another way in which we look after our clients.

And we’ll also let you pay off your trip in easy to manage instalments – just ask us how.


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