November – Lakey Peak Haven

November Is the month we have all been waiting for in INDO.. the winds have changed back to light offshore and sheet glass.. YIIIIIHAAA

We had a great time all month in the surf and out.. Psssssss…secret… November is a winner all round for INDO… waves, weather and of course crowds…even without the volcano eruptions deterring people.

Started out with some left over tradewinds early in November and then around 8th November the rain came down.. in a big way.. and we woke up to absolute glass and 4 to 5 foot waves at the peak with only a dozen on it. Some nice sessions had at the PIPE, PEAK, NUNGAS, PERISCOPES and when then cobblestones on either side of the swells.. so fun.. The way the SWELLS came in was much appreciated offering a couple of laydays in between to give the arms a rest…

Check the photos of our guests that stayed with us during November.. Also a big thanks to Mount Agung for making the headlines and also people realize they are a long way from home.. With a bit of luck from the gods all our guests managed to get home with smiles on their faces. Some were hoping that they could be stuck in Sumbawa longer..hhahaaha have to come back again.. Cheers to Max and Campbell for donating some surf equipment and also to Jake and Sienna for donating a surfboard to some local groms. A big shout out to our crew this month.. Paul (World Surfaris Prize winner) in our March promotion. The Mudjimba boardriders club, Wayne Brough, Craig (owner of Sunshine Brewery), Jake, Brandon, BJ, Hunter, Siena Hanna and her dad Sean, Jarvis, Steve. Jonny lowtide, Liese, Peget, Kobar (Johny tailpad)… we all miss you.. Majority of surfers think that Indo has no waves during November, December, January, February, March.. HAHAHAHHAAHAH and then there are the smart ones.. see you soon.. so book your summer surfari now… Lakey Peak Haven still has rooms…. oh yeh and a big frown to the PORTERS at BIMA AIRPORT.. learn to smile it spreads the love…..

Much love, Michael Hill – World Surfaris Bali

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