Nomad Boat Experience -93

Nomad Surf Charters – June 2019 Surf Report

June started the way May ended, with tidy conditions frequenting the West Sumatran coast line.

Our first trip in June was a surprise trip to the Telos hosted by Swellnet’s Ash Witty. Ash and the boys lucked into some fun waves but it never really got over the 5ft range. Meanwhile in Australia Ash saw the odd superbank video sent to him by Craig and Ben from the Swellnet office. Spending my early years surfing on the Gold Coast, I know just how busy it gets. As the swells roll in, so does the circus and if you’re happy to sit on the rocks at Snapper and watch, its a pretty good show. 

We all agreed that surfing perfect, 3-4ft drainers all to ourselves was much more inviting than battling it out with several hundred wave hungry shredders back home. 

We spent the back half of June in the Mentawais and lucked into the best swell of the season so far! Guests were frothing and it was good to see our guests get the shacks of their lives and polish off the day with a sunset and Bintang combination. That’s what its all about out here and I for one wont be leaving anytime soon. 

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