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Nias Surf Report: 20-27 March 2017

Nias Surf Report: March 20 -27 2017 by Mark Flint of KabuNohi Sorake Resort.

Monday 20th March: ‘Raw Nias’

The signs are there and the forecast as predicted for long period S-SW swell. The talk of the point is the coming swell as the signs of change and current pull on ‘Kiddies Corner’ gets stronger.

Late afternoon: Big sets as the swell really starts to push 8 to 10 feet with only 4 guys for late arvo session as not many tourists in town at all. The bigger sets have no takers.

KabuNohi Sorake guest, Glen Walker and I surf later in the afternoon, taking some bombs off the wedge and letting a lot of “bigger wider beast go by”.                             

Tuesday 21st March: ‘Classic Nias’

Thumping on the reef all night with the morning full of sea mist from the rising salt air.  8 to 10 feet, long period swell with 5 -10 waves in some sets!

First thing in the morning, The Bay is a-wash and no takers as everyone is watching and waiting for the morning wobble to clean up with the rising offshore wind.

During the day, winds perfect steady NNW, average of only 8 surfers in line-up all day (mix of tourist and locals). 

Afternoon swell starts backing off with 6 to 8 foot classic Nias.  Stand up barrels in the afternoon light.  No Camera boats in water so we don’t have the evidence to show you.

Glen Walker and myself surf the arvo session with a repeat of the day before scoring some of the bigger bombs and showing the school house Groms that the grey Groms can still do it                        

Wednesday 22nd March: ‘Classic Nias’

Swell decrease to 4 foot 6 foot sets

Offshore perfection morning, 7 surfers at 10am with surfers thinking they have gone to heaven!

Wind increases NNW during the day before backing off in the afternoon for pleasant 4-5-foot perfection for the LAGO.                                                

Thursday 23rd March:  Swell drops to 4 feet

Offshore in morning to mid-afternoon with an average of 6 guys in line-up to rip nice walls.

Onshore winds kick in later in the day with low cloud cover as swell fades off.

Arvo Beers on the deck contemplating the great waves over the past 5 days.

Friday 24th March: Cloud burn off and hot humid weather.

Still some 4ft waves on the outside point and on the inside at Kiddies Corner.  Super fun waves to be had but hardly anyone surfing as everyone’s tired after a big week.

Saturday 25th March:  Like previous day with an afternoon increase in the swell.

More consistent with frequency increase in waves so the sets have more waves than the day before. Evening fish BBQ at the KabuNohi Sorake bar with Justin Bu’ululu, with his wife just back from California and Hawaii. Justin is Sorakes resident charger and photographer.  We talk surf and of the pulse forecasted for the next few days.

Sunday 26th March: Sky stays overcast all day and the usual Sunday local tourists are in less numbers.

Small increase in swell with the morning showing signs of a building swell and greater frequency in sets.  During the day, swell increases to solid 6 foot. The low cloud cover makes a cool change from the past day’s tropical heat and the sea is oil glass making the ocean colour and sky with little differential contrast making a challenge as sets pop out of nowhere.

Swell direction change to WSW with more end bowl tubes and snaps. Morning to mid-morning, an average of 6-10 surfers in the line-up loving the excellent conditions.

Sunday is the busy day on the point, shops are closed in the local Town of Teluk Dalam, people going to church etc. The afternoon has local tourists visiting places like Sorake to see the surfers ride the waves or relax beach side. KabuNohi has guests from the local camera club and our bar area becomes a mini photo studio for a few hours.  A very pleasant Sunday in KabuNohi Sorake…Sun, Surf and relaxing activities for all.                              

Monday 27th March: Swell drops to 4-5 with beautiful oily offshore conditions.

This morning only 3 surfers enjoying the cool offshore. Another hot day ahead, very dry in Nias at present with the balmy tropical conditions again today.

All in all, an amazing week of waves, mellow crowds and good times had by the lucky few visitors to Lagundri Bay, Nias.

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