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Nias Surf Report (12-20 June 2017)

Monday 12th June: Great Afternoon session for the lucky few with 6 foot bombs rolling in sets of 5 as the swell picked up on the incoming tide late afternoon. New swell angle showing now with more frequent sets

Tuesday 13th June: Drop again in size overnight 5 foot waves peeling across the point in the perfect offshore conditions, 5 guys enjoying the solitude for this morning session.

Mid-morning the SE wind blows in and stays until late, chopping the faces but little deterrence to the few surfers enjoying the less than perfect conditions. Swell size remains to 5 feet with low crowds.

Wednesday 14th June:   Early morning offshore quickly fades to the South-East wind, our new guest enjoys the early morning glass with only 3 guys in the water, onshore wind streams keeps everyone low profile and the coffee pot hot with talking of experiences of our guest just arriving. 

Afternoon wind back to offshore waves still small

Big wave surfing and tow equipment’s and technique in the training programs  for free diving and breath controls is the talk around the breakfast table.

Guest to Bawomataluo to see the village and stone jumping

Indonesian style Evening meal good talk with good vibe

Thursday 15th June: Offshore morning waves dropping to 2-3 feet the expected swell is yet to show signs of arriving, stormy skies and thunder around give a change into the mid-morning with the wind coming to the east S. East,

Guest activities around the resort and deck area. A morning swim out the keyhole around the back of the break, breakfast and another walk. Our Brazilian guests relax on the deck and do some yoga and meditation      

Friday 16th June:  Offshore morning bright sunny day, wave have increase to a 5-6 with an occasional bigger set the swell angle is south.

Wind picks up again from the SE direction taking the clean faces away but still offering some great rides but lacking the tubes, Afternoon glass off some sizable sets come through on the dark

Our present Guests are very keen surfers, up before dark and spending hours in the water keeping the local surf photographers busy.

Saturday 17th June:  Overcast offshore morning, cool change with thunder clouds in the skies, waves at 4-5 feet crisp offshore conditions barrels abound

Rain move in and weather turns cold wave pumping in the dull rainy conditions. The cool weather is keeping the crowds down with all morning average of 8 surfers enjoying the conditions

Afternoon rain stops remaining overcast waves. At afternoon skies clear to afternoon sun golden hour with nice 4-5 waves off the point

6:15 still dark our guests are keen for that early morning paddle 2 hours and in for breakfast

Guest mid-morning session in for lunch after surfing great waves with only a few surfers in the water

Sunday 18th June:

Cool overcast morning

The offshore wind steadily blows down the bay. Waves remaining at 4 to 5 feet on the sets.

Mid-morning wind swing to the east church wind blowing into the barrel opening them up but making for more challenging take offs and chatter on the face, by mid-day win now to slight South East crumbling the lips. Very little crew surfing and fun waves all day afternoon offshore produces some fun and consistent but soft 4-5 set waves as the day and the waves fade away

Another good day of surfing for Rob and Guest Rodger, both of which are very competent and keen Surfers, hitting the dawn patrol paddling out on dark to spend the early morning before the Kabunohi breakfast

Monday 19th June:  Offshore brisk clear morning waves are smaller 3-4 feet but soft and good form nice start to the day. Waves fade during the day with the wind slight.                       

Until next week, Mark Flint signing off from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Lagundri Bay, Nias

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